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image les anges de la Cathˇdrale   "The angels of the Cathedral"
  (Les anges de la Cathédrale)

  video 28'', Le Carré d'Art, 2013

L'écho d'une supplique, la musique du papier froissé, Le Carré d'Art à Strasbourg...
des bonheurs mélancholiques, portés par des ailes infernales dans l'écho de la Cathédrale !

image la nuit de noces de Louis XV   "The Wedding Night of Louis XV"
  (La nuit de noces de Louis XV)

  vidéo 5' 29'', Le Carré d'Art, 2010

Their marriage by proxy sealed the fate of the Kingdom of France. On this night , September 5, 1725 in Fontainebleau,was a tender meeting. He is 15 years old, but he is King Louis XV, she is 21, she is the princess of Poland, a refugee in Alsace, Maria Leszczynska. The marriage was consummated that same evening, and the king will make the  "honeymoon"  last at Fontainebleau until December. Maria, immediately falls in love with the King, seven years his senior, and he himself is, at the time, very much in love (she is his first love). More than 100 dancers, actors and musicians on stage for the continuation of this extraordinary saga, the Carre d'Art in Strasbourg, Irena Tatiboit and Ambroise Perrin.

image Nu-pieds sur les routes de l'Europe
  "La Femme de Louis XV",

  video 3' 45'', Le Carré d'Art, 2009

Who will Maria wed? Who, among 99 European princesses, will become Louis XV's wife? It will be Maria-the pretty Polish young woman, daughter of King Stanislas, exiled in Wissembourg! Le Carré d'Art, Irena Tatiboit and Ambroise Perrin are telling and dancing the destiny of France.

image A vous de danser au Parlement européen
  "A vous de danser au Parlement européen",
  Strasbourg, Brussels

  video 3' 08'', Le Carré d'Art, 2009

Multicolored choreographic flights at the European Parliament in Strasbourg and Brussels, inviting 500 millions Europeans to go to the polls for the European elections. “A vous de choisir” (it's your turn to choose), “à vous de danser” (it's your turn to dance), with Le Carré d'Art, Irena Tatiboit and Ambroise Perrin.

image Nu-pieds sur les routes de l'Europe
  "Nu-pieds sur les routes de l'Europe",
  Strasbourg, Brussels

  video 3' 40'', Le Carré d'Art, 2008

Movies do invent real life: bus journeys and fits of laughter between two performances; a fade in-fade out of applause and a glimpse behind the scenes; a delighted audience, zooming in to the maximum on a repetitive music. The movie takes place between Strasbourg and Brussels, and the Palme d'Or goes to Le Carré d'Art for some magnificent western scenery at the European Parliament's Open Day, for a mysterious detective story with some unsure cafeterias in the background, for a love story traveling in the eyes of the choreographer, for some avant-garde cinema on the back-seats: it is the story of a tour with barefoot dancers, counts and countesses, who all get the best actor and best actress award from the Great European Friendship Festival…

image Tennis nu danse sur l'herbe
  "Tennis nu danse sur l'herbe", Jardin des Deux-Rives

  video 1' 59'', Le Carré d'Art, 2008

A tennis ball on the green and barefoot dancers on the grass - Le Carré d'Art created the largest and greenest theaters of all at the Jardin des Deux-Rives. 

image La table
  "La table", excerpt from the show "Imparfait fraternité"

  video 2' 07'', Le Carré d'Art, 2007

To set the table; to stand on (or hide under) the table; to subject the table to our whims… the table is such a common object and so essential that we no longer see it when it is covered with victuals or paper. This table, so essential, remaining there when we have nothing left because everything was taken away from you, yes, this table is a dancer. It is this thing to which we can devote everything for pleasure, and in Irena Tatiboit's show “Imparfait Fraternité” in June 2007 in Schiltigheim, the table became a partner to the pleasure of performing on stage. Just before the guests arrived, the table started to dance, leading the students of the school Le Carré d'Art into its four-footed choreographed movements, and it simply became a little child. It was charming, delightful, and, above all, exciting. Just watch…

image parlement européen, Strasbourg
  European Parliament, Open Day, Strasbourg,
  video 4' 14'', Le Carré d'Art, 2007

Students of Le Carré d'Art, European Center for Dance Education, located in Strasbourg, are performing a choreographic creation on the ceremonial stairways in the great entrance hall of the European Parliament of the Capital of Europe; a continuous helical show entitled “La Lettre à Hélice” (For Helix) during the Open Day on Tuesday May 1st, 2007, under the direction of Irena Tatiboit.

image déambulations
  Déambulations, industrial park Kilstett,
  video 1' 30'', Le Carré d'Art, 2005

An improbable encounter between industrial pipes and creative expression.

image femme arbre
  Femme-Arbre, parc de l'Orangerie Strasbourg,
  video 2' 48", Tatiboit-Bouly, 1992

Irena Tatiboit performs “The Tree Woman” at the Orangerie park in Strasbourg, with Claude Bouly on harp. Nine years later, Claude was seriously injured during the storm that ravaged the park.