Le Carré d’Art was created in June 1992 in Strasbourg.
It is a "loi 1901" association (1905 in Alsace), that offers a reflective approach to pedagogy leading to dance shows.

The school is known as the "European Center for Dance Education"; the administrative office is located in the "historic" building of the school, close to the "place du Corbeau", at the number 8 of "l'impasse de l'Ancre"; the classes relocated in 2008 in a beautiful space about 5 minutes away from there, at the "Lycée Jean Geiler", 14 rue des Baterliers, in the Krutenau.

( tel +33 (0)3 88 18 88 84 / +33 (0)3 88 35 25 08; www.lecarredart.com 
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Le Carré d'Art aims at inciting students to think about what their movements can express, working on techniques without ever imposing them, and just sharing the pleasure of getting ready to go on stage… contemporary dance as a choice, but going through ballet, because it is the basis.

Irena Tatiboit, was a dancer at the national ballet of Poland and performed all around the world throughout her career. She is the artistic director of the Carré d'Art; she teaches most of the classes and creates most of the shows' choreographies herself.

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Parallel to the putting together shows and performing them on stage, the dance education of the students of the Carré d'Art also involves them participating in “off stage” dance events, at the border between land art and installation. The concept of these short-lived events is to connect the dancers with a chosen element of the environment, that is, to take them away from their usual conditions - the dance studio or a theatre. They can happen in a garden, in an industrial environment, in an art gallery, in a museum, in an urban space, hidden from view, or confronted to a crowd. These creations can have their own purpose in themselves; they can also happen on the fringe of other creations or events, or else accompany them. Thanks to these events, the students of the Carré d’Art invest themselves with pleasure in Strasbourg and its region's cultural life.  

* See photos of "off stage" events:
- Open Day at the European Parliament in Strasbourg and Brussels, 2009
- Open Day at the European Parliament in Strasbourg and Brussels, 2008
- Swan on the Rhine, Jardin des deux rives, 2008
- Open Day at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, 2007
- Budding dance, 2006
- Jardin des deux rives 2004
- Gallery K 2002
- Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, 2001
- Centrifuged pipe factory of the Rhine, 2000

Among our most motivated students-those who study dance for 8 to 10 years-the best elements take the dance option at the baccalauréat. Le Carré d'Art accompanies them all the way to this test evaluating their passion.

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Members of the Board
President: Anne-Marie Musset
Secretary: Caroline Brouin-Benaissa
Treasurer: Agnès Gaire 
Artistic director: Irena Tatiboit
Le Carré d’Art is also a fantastic team of friends-dancers of course, but also musicians, choreographers, photographers, graphic designers, lawyers, stylists, nannies, stage managers, webmasters, stage designers, accountants, proofreaders, billposters, bulb changers, sandwich artists, party planners and organizers-all partners-in-crime. They met on the road of creativity and support the activities of the Carré's students through their enthusiasm and experiences.
The association's members

financially support the development of the objectives of the Carré d'Art, thanks to their yearly subscription (€30),

receive updates about the association's activities,

participate to the General Meeting and other events organized by the association.

Le Carré d’Art has been supported by the City of Strasbourg since its creation: subsidies, various benefits and services and access to the city's theaters.
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Le Carré d'Art
8 impasse de l'ancre
F - 67000 Strasbourg

tel +33 (0)3 88 18 88 84 / +33 (0)6 64 30 15 32;

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