video - The Wedding Night
of Louis XV
- La nuit de noces de Louis XV -
(text: ambroise perrin, translation: Alicia Liautaud

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"The Wedding Night of Louis XV", Strasbourg,
video 5' 29'', Le Carré d'Art, 2010

Their marriage by proxy sealed the fate of the Kingdom of France. On this night , September 5, 1725 in Fontainebleau,was a tender meeting. He is 15 years old, but he is King Louis XV, she is 21, she is the princess of Poland, a refugee in Alsace, Maria Leszczynska. The marriage was consummated that same evening, and the king will make the  "honeymoon"  last at Fontainebleau until December. Maria, immediately falls in love with the King, seven years his senior, and he himself is, at the time, very much in love (she is his first love). More than 100 dancers, actors and musicians on stage for the continuation of this extraordinary saga, the Carre d'Art in Strasbourg, Irena Tatiboit and Ambroise Perrin.

Louis XV as a child Louis Ernest

Louis XV, King of France Fabien Gaertner

Maria Leszczynska Carolina Katsaros

Madame Ventadour Claire Lambert

synopsis, texts, direction Irena Tatiboit, ambroise perrin

camera technician Jean-Yves Barlier

sound Marc Delepiere

photos Francis Gast, Louise Perrin de Fracci