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Shooting of the DVD
"dance lesson"

tournage dvd 2009all the aspects of Irena Tatiboit's contemporary dance method in an interactive DVD!



article "Nous sommes le roi de France"article about the shooting of the short-film that will open the new show
DNA, May 3, 2010,
"Nous sommes le roi de France"

mariavideo "La femme de Louis XV"

parlement 2009video at the European Parliament
"A vous de danser"

hors-scène parlementoff stage at the European Parliament, Strasbourg, Brussels
 "A vous de danser"

article "A vous de danser"review (fr) of "A Vous de Danser" at the European Parliament
 DNA, May 2, 2009,
 "L'Europe en fête"

article mariaarticle about the shooting of the short-film "Maison de Maria"
 DNA, April 26, 2009,
 "Maria Leszczynska de retour"

New creation

affiche 2010

Part II of our saga about Maria Leszczynska, the Polish from Wissembourg: "Il faut marier Louis XV, l'enfant Roi" (Louis XV, the King child, must get married).

This year, 80 dancers from Le Carré d'Art will tell the story of the wedding of the princess and the King of France in Strasbourg's Cathedral in 1725, from the perspective of the court of Versailles.

Dance, theater and videos will help untangle the famous intrigues that surround Louis XV, while respecting the historic chronology, in a show with costumes, that promises to be vibrant and full of suspense, and about which children, adults, dancers, comedians and musicians all share the same enthusiasm.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday, June 4, 5 and 6, 2010
at the Centre Culturel de Neudorf, Strasbourg.


Creations 2009

« Il faut marier Maria, Madame Louis XV à Wissembourg »

dance theater show, 19, 20 and 21 June 2009
Centre Culturel de Neudorf in Strasbourg

affiche de Il faut marier Maria, Madame Louis XV à Wissembourg, création 2009 du Carré d'Art dance school in Strasbourg

Maria Leszczynska, the King of Poland's daughter... the royal family, driven off the throne took refuge in a little town in Alsace, Wissembourg; there, one morning, Maria learns that she is going to marry the most powerful king of Europe, the king of France! An unimaginable destiny for a princess without a dowry or a state. Cinderella becoming the  queen of France! But by what miracle? What secret bargaining? A list of 99 marriageable European princesses had been established for the young king Louis XV; the Duke of Bourbon eliminated 82 of them: not rich enough, too ugly, too Calvinistic, too old…; 17 “princesses” were left, among which the Conseil d'En-Haut, presided by Louis XV himself, had to choose… but one refuses, the other sees herself rejected… the portrait of Maria Leszczynska, painted by Pierre Gobert, the painter appointed to the court is submitted to the young king… and the king doesn't hide his joy: he finds the face of his betrothed rather likeable!  

There is something of a fairy tale in that unexpected marriage, and when the young married couple met in the forest of Fontainebleau, it really was love at first sight.

show in pictures - photos: Francis Gast


The Dernières Nouvelles d'Alsace gave an account of the three performances of "Il faut marier Maria, Madame Louis XV à Wissembourg" in Strasbourg in their entertainment section; the picture used in the article stars the youngest dancers; other media on the web gave accounts of the show, with more spectacular pictures in costumes...
DNA, April 26, 2009, "Les Ménines de Wissembourg"

"Un spectacle 'mêlant danse, théâtre et musique autour du personnage historique de Maria Leszczynska'...", DNA, April 26, 2009, "Maria Leszczynska de retour"


"A vous de Danser"
at the European Parliament in Strasbourg and Brussels...

Make 500 millions Europeans feel like dancing... an ambitious project for the students of le Carré d'Art in Strasbourg, who performed at the European Parliament on the Open Day, Sunday May 3rd in Strasbourg and Saturday May 9th in Brussels.     
The choreographer, Irena Tatiboit, entitled this year's performance “A vous de danser”, explicit reference to “A vous de choisir”, the slogan aimed at inciting European voters to go to the polls June 4 to 7, to choose (“choisir”) their next MEPs who will sit in Strasbourg and Brussels.

With multicolored choreographic flights, the many visitors of the headquarters of European democracy will discover some original facets of Europe, thanks to this troupe of 20 dancers.

choreography irena tatiboit, music bernard struber, costumes géraldine supper, scenography kader benaissa

le Carré d'Art et le Parlement européen dansent les Portes Ouvertes le 3 mai 2009 à Strasbourg, le 9 mai 2009 à Bruxelles

"Une troupe de 25 danseurs proposera des 'envolées chorégraphiques et multicolores'...", DNA, May 2, 2009, "L'Europe en fête"

"A vous de danser" - off stage report at the European Parliament, in Strasbourg and Brussels

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